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Did you know?
When you are taking a demo of a 3D television, be sure the glasses are ON (if Active-Shutter) and they are clean. If not, ask the sales associate to bring you a new pair.
Also, ask to view different types of content including, movies, nature & a live 3D broadcast.
Finally, get comfortable and expect to spend some time finding your 3D Comfort Zone.

About 3D in Your Home

Since it was first discovered how to create 3D images out of a flat two-dimensional picture there have been many attempts to bring 3D entertainment to a mass audience – because it is so much more dramatic to see pictures the same way we see them in 'real-life’ – with depth and realism. At its best 3D images are stunning, immersive, believable and also a fantastic tool for learning and depicting scenes as they really are.

If you have enjoyed a 3D experience in a movie theater--or even if you've never before seen the rich, encompassing experience today's 3D programs can deliver, but you have a healthy sense of curiosity, then this site is for you.

Your 3D Comfort Zone

The digital age is upon us and has brought us well-calibrated, comfortable 3D experiences. But not all 3D is created equal so it is important to find your comfort zone with different genre of 3D films and programming. Whether horror films or the latest performance of Swan Lake, the airways are just starting to be filled with 3D choices, if you have the right equipment at home.  

Please explore this site. We have tried to bring you some insider information from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, academia, and analysts packaged together in one place. Some of it is really techie – some of it is plain-speak. Pick and choose according to your interests. This is not a shopping site – there is no shopping cart to fill. But we provide you a checklist for helping you decide the right 3D system for your home, and we also provide a listing of some of the products available in the market today.

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